Dover Corporation


Markets overview

We are driven to lead every market we serve by leveraging diverse expertise, constantly innovating and working closely with customers to better meet their needs.


Engineered Systems

We are advancing the efficiency and safety of oil and gas extraction and handling by developing high-performance artificial lift, pump, high-accuracy sensor and monitoring solutions for our customers in the drilling and production markets.

We work tirelessly to challenge today’s technical limitations and engineer creative advances in safety, efficiency and sustainability for tomorrow’s industrial demands in printing, identification, vehicle service, aerospace and waste handling equipment.

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Refrigeration & Food Equipment

We solve customers’ most pressing fluid challenges by leveraging the expertise of industry pioneers from around the world to strategically engineer specialized pumps, tubing, fueling, vehicle wash and other fluid transfer and dispensing equipment and systems.

We redefine what’s possible for our customers, from innovative design that drives demand to energy efficiency that reduces the total cost of ownership in refrigeration, electrical, heating and cooling systems, and food and beverage packaging.

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