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Dover Energy Automation Announces Partnership with Artificial Intelligence Company​

DOWNERS GROVE, Ill. (April 11, 2017) – Dover Energy Automation this month announced a partnership with SparkCognition to bring predictive capabilities to DEA clients.

According to a release, the partnership will use artificial intelligence (AI) to improve the safety, efficiency and reliability of their operations. As pressure increases to perform better with less money and manpower, manufacturers can use AI-powered technology for monitoring and analysis.

“The goal is simple,” said Usman Shuja, Vice President of Market Development for SparkCognition, in a release. “We are providing a machine-learning engine for DEA to integrate into the intelligence platform of its hardware and, in turn, DEA is able to provide its customers with a simple-to-use infrastructure that provides actionable insights and asset-behavior predictions.”

From DEA's announcement: "DEA has been leading technological change in the oil-and-gas industry in an effort to stay ahead of the rapidly evolving tide of technical advancements in the application of artificial intelligence to the industrial Internet of Things (IoT). And on the other side of the collaboration, SparkCognition has established itself as an artificial intelligence technology leader with event prediction for business-critical solutions in place for customers in the utility, oil and gas, manufacturing, telecommunications and finance markets.

Since the inception of the AI initiative, the team at DEA has experimented with early iterations of the platform by deploying solutions throughout its own portfolio of diversified brands. Having the ability to analyze these real-world scenarios rather than hypothetical ones has created a rapid feedback loop that aids in the development process, which will ultimately allow DEA to rapidly provide the technology to its clients around the globe, and in a pre-vetted state. The results during testing have already proven that the potential AI solutions will provide DEA customers with never-before achieved visibility into the health and efficiency of their equipment, in real time, and all from a remote position. Throughout all of the tested scenarios, the intelligent oversight of assets allowed users the ability to proactively avoid catastrophic scenarios and, at the same time, minimize unnecessary man-hours that would be spent manually diagnosing equipment without a solid comprehension of the condition of the entire fleet. This is a game-changer for some of DEA’s operators looking to cut costs and maximize safety. Ultimately, DEA’s clients could immediately experience an increase in performance oversight, flexibility and responsiveness upon the rollout of the integrated AI solution."