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Dover India - Notice of the Twenty Second Annual General Meeting of the Company

Dover India Conference XCED – 2013

Mumbai | 22nd April to 24th April

IIC started hosting an annual conference in India from 2008 to provide Dover Operating Companies a strong platform to explore engineering and software development opportunities in India.It has evolved over the years and broadened its focus to exploring opportunities for Dover Companies in the domestic Indian market, in addition leveraging IIC and potential sourcing from India.The conference brings together Dover business leaders from across the globe, customers of Dover Companies in India, leading industry experts and thought leaders. The focus in on exploring opportunities and exchanging ideas to tackle the challenges of a fast growing and complex Indian market.

The conferences have received an overwhelming response with active participation from Dover Operating Companies across the world. Last year’s conference, XCED 2013 too was a grand success and marked by the presence of Mr. Bob Livingstone, CEO of Dover Corporation. Welcome note was given by Mr. Anand Datta (Managing Director, Dover India). Leading industry experts such as Mr. Udayan Bose (renowned economic advisor), Mr. Boparai (Managing Director, Fiat India), Mr. MK Trisal (CEO, Marathon Electric India - Regal Beloit) and Mr. Murli Lohia (Enterprise Management Consulting Co.) shared their thoughts and ideas at the conference.

Dover India Conference XCED – 2013