Dover Corporation


Market overviews

We are driven to lead every market we serve by leveraging diverse expertise, constantly innovating and working closely with customers to better meet their needs.

We work closely with customers in the drilling and production markets to develop high-performance artificial lift, pumps, high-accuracy sensor and monitoring solutions that advance the efficiency and safety of extracting oil & gas. We answer the increasing demand for fossil fuels by introducing more effective and reliable delivery methods for our customers, applying our scale to uncover opportunities in emerging economies and aging wells around the globe.


Engineered Systems
We are constantly driving efficiencies for our customers in printing, identification, vehicle service and waste-handling equipment. We collaborate closely with customers to innovate for greater speed and accuracy in production to increase their profitability. We leverage our geographic scope and diverse expertise across specialized industries to develop more effective solutions for our customers.
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We drive excellence in the global pump and fluid handling markets, collaborating with customers to develop innovative and efficient solutions. We deliver specialized components and equipment for fueling and vehicle wash, as well as transference and dispensing of critical materials to meet ever-changing market demands. We are constantly growing into new geographies and end-markets such as chemical, food and pharmaceutical to expand performance for customers.

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Refrigeration & Food Equipment
We work relentlessly to increase efficiency and decrease cost to elevate customers’ performance in refrigeration, heating and cooling, food & beverage packaging. We innovate to meet ever-changing market demands, and help customers improve sustainability, surpass expectations for end-consumer needs and drive growth in emerging economies.